Tsaklis or Initiation Cards

For more information on tsakli and their functions in Tibetan Buddhism please visit our original tsakli page. Here we are presenting a small part of the collection of tsakli we have accumulated in over a decade of collecting this little known but very affordable expression of Tibetan art.

We use the word "tsakli" and Tibetan "initiation card" interchangeably. "Tsaqli" is a variant of the spelling. Many Tibetans pronounce the word with a silent "k" so it sounds more like sal-li.

We had the choice of either presenting detailed photos of a smaller number of tsakli or showing group photos of a larger number and only providing an occasional detailed photograph. Because we have such a large collection we have decided to do a little of both. On this page we will be displaying individual cards. The group page of tsakli shows many more cards, but without the opportunity to see a full view of any but a small sampling.

As will be apparent from our display here the painting quality on tsaklis can range anywhere from near thangka quality range of detail and expression to very cartoon-like. Many tsakli lend themselves readily to matting and framing, either individually or in groups.

Tsaklis or Initiation Cards

tsakli: wrathful deity
18635 - A group of 29 individual tsakli of nice quality.

Like all tsakli these cards must once have belonged to larger sets, but those sets have long since been broken up and these tsakli came to us as individual cards. We have selected them for this group because of the quality of the painting.


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