Nagaland Textiles, Artifacts and Jewelry

blanket wearer Naga warrior
Among the Nagas two categories of clansmen had the right to adorn themselves in a particular way --- the headhunters and the givers of ceremonial feasts. The headhunters were concerned mostly with ornaments while givers of Feasts of Merit had their position recorded by the clothing they had the right to wear.


Textiles from Nagaland
Textiles have always been a very important part of Naga culture. They are often emblematic of tribe, clan, or village as well as the statue of the wearer. We have several shawls or wearing blankets in stock.
shawl or wearing cloth from Nagaland
Tribal Jewelry from Nagaland
Personal adornment has always been a very important aspect of Naga culture, for men as well as for women. Here are some examples of decorative objects for neck, wrist, ear, and hair divided into two sections.
beaded bracelet from Nagaland
Artifacts from Nagaland
Hats, weapons, eating stands, baskets and other utilitarian objects....the Naga tribes make them all with a simplicity and beauty which is unsurpassed. These are some of the items caught our eye.
woven hat with bear fur from Nagaland
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