antique Tibetan bronze stupa

The Featured Pages are where we offer specific items for sale. These pages are continually growing as we add more material to our on-line catalogue. Here you will find the most recent updates where we add new material and remove items as they are sold. These pages include small photos linked to larger photos which contain more information about the item.

Price lists for most of these featured collections are available upon request. Use the form at the bottom of any page to send us an email. Be sure to request the specific price list by name.

Items Featured for Sale at Himalayan Antiques

Himalayan Masks

elephant mask from Nepal We have created a gateway gallery for our mask pages. There are several mask pages all linked to the gateway gallery.

Tibetan thangkas

Tibetan thangka Tibetan thangkas from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

Tibetan Statues

small group of Tibetan repousse statues A collection of Tibetan Buddhist statues from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries in the moderate price range.

Jewelry from Nepal

Nepalese jewelry:  one element from a Nepalese necklace A sampling of traditional jewelry worn by various people in Nepal, some tribal and some sophisticated urban dwellers.

Tibetan Furniture

an array Tibetan furniture We've gathered all our Tibetan furniture pages into one location which is a subcategory of this Featured section. Look there for separate pages of the various kinds of Tibetan furniture we have available for sale.

Tibetan silver

very fancy Tibetan silver butter lamp A collection of mostly ritual objects from Tibet or Bhutan. All are of silver and all are done with finely detailed repousse work.

Naga Collection

Naga tribesmen wearing fancy hats and jewelry Not from the Himalayas but from the foothills south of the high mountains, the Nagas inhabit the region along the border between India and Burma.

Small Tibetan Boxes

a small Tibetan painted box These boxes are small enough to fit on a table. Most are painted on four sides and the top and the designs are much looser than those on large Tibetan boxes.

Tsakli or Initiation Cards

tsakli painting of kapala A Group of Tsakli from Eastern Tibet used for visualization of the object represented

Tibetan Carpets

Tibetan dragon carpet A collection of Tibetan carpets from the period before the Chinese invasion.
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Last updated: Tuesday, August 17, 2010
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