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antique Tibetan bronze stupa

Now that we have all the major pieces assembled, it is time to cluster all the furniture into its own section of the Featured pages. We are calling this section Featured Tibetan Furniture and you can find it by first going to the Featured pages and then clicking on the Furniture section.

Bear in mind that some of the divisions here are quite arbitrary. In the Cabinet section you may find a piece that would serve very well as a table, and sometimes what we've placed in the Table section could well be considered a stand for a statue. Look around.

Price lists for all of the pages shown here are available upon request. Use the form at the bottom of any page to send us an email. Be sure to request the specific price list by name.


Tibetan cabinets

Tibetan cabinet Often referred to as chests , for the sake of clarity we use the term cabinet . Cabinets were made in a broad range of sizes, configurations, and decorations.

Tibetan tables

Tibetan table Tibetan tables come in many sizes and styles. Many are among the most affordable pieces of Tibetan furniture.

Tibetan Storage Boxes

Tibetan storage box For the sake of clarity we call these items "storage boxes". Many people also refer to them as trunks . We have an extensive collection of these large early boxes in stock.

Thorgams and Yangams

Tibetan thorgam These are unique forms of Tibetan furniture used for making offerings. In construction they are the same as cabinets.

Tibetan shrine cabinets

Tibetan shrine cabinet Specialized cabinets for displaying statues, ritual objects, or thangkas
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